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3 for €8.29 Usal Combo (100gX3)

3 for €8.29 Usal Combo (100gX3)

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Any 3 for €8.29 Jaidev Combo Usal (100gX3)

Only for Usal Mixes. CHOOSE FROM MOONG, Matki, Kulith and Mix sprouts. 

Fulfillment subject to availability.

Instant Ready to cook Maharashtrian Sprouted Usal.  Mention your choice of products in notes before submitting your order.

Ingredients: Refer specific products from the combo.

Allergy Advice: Refer to specific products from the combo for Allergen information.

Enjoy this sprouts curry with Natural Home Made Taste. No preservatives & colours. Saves Time, Easy to Cook, Needs to Add only Water

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