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777 Rice String Hoppers 500g

777 SGR
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777 Rice String Hoppers 500g

Instant Rice Sevai or shevaya / Idiappam Sticks

Vermicelli or vermicilli / noodles

In India sevai is made from rice or wheat . These are in the form of thin long noodles.  In south India like Karnataka and Tamilnadu, vermicelli is known as Santhkai .

Vermicilli is an instant healthy breakfast or snack item. We can make varieties like shevai upma, idiyappam . In Maharashtra, boiled rice shevai in coconut milk with jaggery and cardamom  flavour is famous, very tasty n delicious. 

777 SGR brand, dream of Iyer Brothers have authentic culinary recipes been handed down the ages – from ancient kitchens. Try their absolutely tasty Ready to make Rice & Rasam paste and have your delicious meal ready to eat in minutes.

Order vermicelli online on www.cestaa.com and get it home delivered in any corner of The Republic of Ireland in 2-3 working days.