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Aryan Karela Jamun Juice 1Ltr

Aryan Karela Jamun Juice 1Ltr

Aryan Herbals
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Product Description

Though it has a rigid surface and is bitter in taste, bitter melon is believed to have a host of medicinal properties including helping with balancing and regulating blood sugar level. Additionally, the juicy pulp of Jamun/ Jambo fruit contains resin, Gallic acid and tannin and the taste can vary from acidic to fairly sweet. The Jamun seed is known to contain a biochemical called ‘jambolin’ and glycoside, which is believed to check the conversion of starch into sugar. It is also a rich source of vitamins A & C. Popular name(s): Jambul, Jamun, Black Plum, Faux Pistachier, Indian Blackberry, Jambol, Doowet and Jambolan. “The fruit of the tree are very tasteful; one who regularly consumes the juice of the jambu tree, does not suffer from old age, disease and can even resist death…” Vayu puran, Chapter 46, Verse 28/29.

Botanical Name:

Momordica charantia, Syzygium cumini

Traditionally known benefits of this herb:

  • Believed to help promote digestion.
  • Believed to help healing skin related ailments.
  • Believed to help maintain healthy digestion.
  • Believed to help maintain body temperature.
  • Believed to help maintain normal blood pressure.
  • Believed to help maintain sugar level in blood which is already in normal range.

 Dosage: 30 ml. twice a day before food.