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Pop Mak Makhane Mumbai Chat (Lotus Seeds) 80g Cestaa Ireland Online Grocery Dublin

Pop Mak Makhane Mumbai Chat (Lotus Seeds) 80g

Pop Mak Makhane
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Pop Mak Makhane / Makhana / Gorgon nuts Mumbai Chat (Lotus Seeds) / FOX NUTS 80g

Makhana / Makhane / Gorgon nuts is a highly nutritious aquatic dry fruit from North Eastern India. Makhana cultivation is naturally free from any insecticides or fertilizers. Makhana is widely known as Lotus Seeds but these are the seeds of a flowering plant classified in the water lily family, Nymphaeaceae. It is an ancient super food of India that was forgotten but now gaining it’s due share of popularity. It is suitable for Jains.

Have a healthy cholesterol free and gluten free snack with Pop Mak. Available in 8 different flavors to suit your taste buds

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