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Natco Sago Seeds Small 1.5Kg

Natco Sago Seeds Small 1.5Kg

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Natco Sago Seeds / Sabudana / Shabudana Small 1.5Kg
Sago is powdery starch extracted from the trunks of sago palms. The sago starch are processed into "pearls" which are small balls. Sago is used after soaking in water for around 3-5 hours for cooking. Water level should be same as sago seeds, they turns larger, soft and spongy.

Note: Adding excess water to soak sago seeds can make them soggy. 

In India,  it is used for preparing snacks and mainly for fasting. Sabudana khichdi and vada are famous breakfast varieties. Sabudana chivda, thalipeeth, kheer, dried roasted sago papads, chips, kanji are few other varities made from sago.

Sago is believed to have health benefits in muscle growth, improving bones and boost energy.
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