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Premium Lokwan Chakki Atta 5kg CnM

Premium Lokwan Chakki Atta 5kg CnM

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Buy CnM Gehu Atta grocery online which is made from good quality wheat grains from Pune, India, yielding soft, tasty chapatis or chapatti or rotis and chapatis remain soft for long time.

•No added Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour

CnM Gehu Atta is also referred as CnM Gehu Aata or CnM  Whole Wheat Flour or CnM   Chaki Fresh Gehu Atta or chappatti flour. Packaging available in 5kg. 
Wheat flour is mostly used to make Indian food varieties like soft roti, puri, parathas, wheat dosa and even for making sweets and cake.

Preparation for soft chapati/Roti: 
Mix wheat flour with little milk, water and oil. Knead dough  and keep for half an hour before rolling rotis. 
For parathas use different vegetables, including leafy vegetables like palak (Spinach),  methi (fenugreek leaves), and curd along with spices of your choice, making it healthy. 

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